Replacing Trim On A Chimney By Nanaimo Handymen

If you have ever lived in a home with T-111 siding, you have probably experienced wood rot. There are two leading causes of wood rot on T-111. The first is the paint drying out and absorbing moisture. The second is water finding an entrance due to a caulk joint failure. This occurs around windows, doors and at the seams. The steps listed below are what to look for and how to repair it. This article is specific to a chimney repair but can be applied to other areas. In this specific repair, we will be replacing the T-111 with a Hardie type panel and trim.
1. First, inspect the chimney. More than likely the bottom of the T-111, where the panel meets the roof deck, will be suspect. Poke around the perimeter with a screw driver to determine the extent of any damage. At this stage, you can only find what you can see on the surface.
2. Remove the nails on the metal chimney cap with a flat pry bar. Try not to damage the chimney cap as we will be reinstalling it later.
3. Remove the screws from the chimney cap flame arrestor. Remove the arrestor and set aside.
4. Remove the chimney cap and set aside.
5. With your pry bar and hammer, remove the trim boards and discard.
6. Remove the nails in the T-111 with your hammer and nail puller.
7. Remove the T-111 and discard.
At this point you should be looking at the wood framing and the chimney vent pipe. Now you can inspect the framing and a portion of the roof decking for additional damage. If you have wood framing, roof sheeting, or metal flashing that has been damaged due to water intrusion, now is the time to replace these items.
If you do not see damage you can start the rebuild process.
8. About an inch and a half up from the roof deck, apply a bead of roofing sealant to the metal flashing.
9. Wrap the chimney framing with a quality house wrap. Make sure the bottom edge is pressed firmly onto the bead of roofing cement. Secure the house wrap to the wood frame with button cap nails or staples. Make sure all the seams are sealed with tape designed for house wrap.
10.You are now ready to cut your siding and trim. Once you have made your panel cuts, you are ready to secure it to the frame. Put a thick bead of roofing cement approximately one inch up from the bottom of the panel. This will form a water tight seal. Paint all cut edges with primer or exterior paint.
11. Install the panels to the manufacturer’s specifications.

12. Paint the panels before you secure the trim.
13. Paint the trim boards prior to cutting them. This makes the finished product look much nicer.
14. After the paint has dried, cut the trim boards to fit. Paint all cut edges to seal them.
15. Install the trim boards to the manufacturer’s specifications.
16. Caulk all seams and nail holes with an exterior sealant.
17. Re-install the chimney cap and arrestor. Apply sealant to the nail heads.
18. Touch up the paint and you are done!
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HVAC Services and Repairs In Nanaimo BC

We are the HVAC Company in Nanaimo BC providing the repair and installation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems with the highest standard assured. We believe in delivering the personalized services to the customers Our Nanaimo HVAC experts serve the customers in long Island and other surrounding locations. We have the team of professional technicians who are provided with specialized training to serve the customers. We believe in delivering the high end customer satisfaction and it is the reason why we offer the finest level of service to our customers. At Westwind Mechanical in Nanaimo, we are providing the heating and air conditioning repair & its installation services to homes and businesses. When any of your air conditioning or heating system is not working properly, our professional technicians are here to assist you with the fast, responsive, and reliable service.

Either you want to install the heating or cooling systems in your home or looking to upgrade those, we are the HVAC contractor Nanaimo BC to serve all your heating & cooling needs.

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Causes of Foundation Movement and Repair Procedures In Nanaimo

Causes of Foundation Movement
Your homes foundation is designed to transfer the weight of the structure and contents to the underlying soil or rock.  On Vancouver Island most foundations constructed today are slab-on-grade; however, pier and beam foundations are still used in certain situations and many older homes have pier and beam foundation systems.
Swelling and shrinking of expansive soils underlying your homes foundation are the primary causes of foundation movement throughout the south.  Expansive clay soils swell when soil moisture levels increase and shrink when moisture levels decrease resulting in lifting or settlement of your home’s foundation.
The second most frequent cause of foundation movement is consolidation of improperly compacted soil or rock fill, which can cause portions of the foundation to settle.
Because your homes foundation transfers the weight of the structure and contents to the underlying soil, your foundation moves when the soils move.  If the foundation moves uniformly and does not deflect or become unlevel the foundation is performing as designed.  If some parts of the foundation move more than others then the foundation is undergoing differential movement.  It is this differential movement that damages your foundation and the cosmetic finishes throughout your home.

Limiting Differential Movement
Because soil moisture variations cause swelling and shrinking of the soils supporting your foundation anything you can do to minimize those moisture variations will also minimize foundation movement.  The three most common examples are:
1)  Water your lawn and the areas adjacent to your foundation uniformly during dry periods.

2)  Make sure that surface water cannot pond against the perimeter of the foundation.

3)  Large trees or extensive plantings of shrubs in close proximity to the foundation can result in drying of the soils under the perimeter of the foundation. If existing trees or shrubs are affecting the stability of your foundation, a barrier trench can often be installed between the trees and foundation.

Repair Procedures
Minimizing foundation movement normally involves underpinning the foundation with deep piers, correcting poor drainage or both.  Deep piers are designed to extend below the active surface soils to areas less affected by season moisture variations.  Piers transfer the foundation loads to those deeper, less active soils.  The vast majority of registered professional engineers specify deep drilled, steel reinforced, cast-in-place concrete piers.  This is the same pier design used in the construction of commercial multi-story buildings and highway overpasses.

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Commercial and Residential Pressure Washing

Extreme Pressure Washing, Nanaimo, BC can help you out more than you think. Whether you have a residency or a commercial building you are going to want to have it pressure washed regularly. It helps clean out all of the gunk that is clogging up the pores on your exterior surfaces that are weathering and aging them.

Extreme pressure washing helps commercial buildings look more inviting. When you are trying to attract customers to a professional environment, you are going to want to look sharp and inviting. Having a clean store implies you take care of your company and you are valuable because your business is going well enough that you are always looking clean and great. People are attracted to clean environments.

If you are pressure washing your house you are in for a treat. Pressure Washing, Nanaimo, BC companies know just what to do to get your house looking brand new again. You can have your windows power washed on the outside to get all the dirt and leaves out from the crevices causing them to look weathered and discolored. They are becoming more weathered and discolored because of the dirt and mold softening your windows. You can slow that down by having a company come and pressure wash them. You can pressure wash the house siding, so the paint looks years newer.

The house can look younger as well as the last longer and increase the value of your home. The deck can be pressure washed as well and even can be re-stained to help it last and look great. It can get weathered over time from foot traffic, dirt in the cracks, the sun, and extreme weather. Once it is washed and treated it will look new and last. There is also an option to clean your driveway. Clean driveways are the part of your house that makes it. Having a clean new driveway can take years off of your house all by itself. Once it is clean, it then can be sealed with wax or other sealants to make it shiny and new. Cracks will be less noticeable, and corrosion may even look like good character.

Simple things like a wash to clean up your house can brighten the entire property. Looking into having a company come and spend some time with you will do your house and your family good.  For more information search Google for -Nanaimo.


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Maintain Your Healthy Smile With The Best Dentist Nanaimo BC

Finding a dentist is not at all an easy job.It is indeed an overwhelming work. But it is also very much necessary to take good dental care for a person. It is one of the requirements of the people for their good health also. The dentists in Nanaimo BC are very co-operative to the patients who need proper treatment. The dentist also checks the overall health which has a link with the oral health.

The tooth is an essential part that helps to digest our food in a proper way, so it is very much important to take proper care of the total oral health. The best Dentist Nanaimo BC has a great knowledge of the different dentistry in an appropriate way. The patients can readily get the services of the various dentistry services like cosmetic, sedation, family and laser. All these services are catered in affordable rates, and the professionals have the perfect ability to give a painless solution to the patients. With the introduction of the latest method along with the latest materials the patients nowadays can be treated in a better way. Some of those different ways of treatment involve oral surgery, tooth extracts, gum treatment, Botox and many other procedures is provided to the patients according to their requirement.

It is highly recommended to each and everyone that one should regularly visit dentists in Nanaimo BC. It helps to keep our oral healthy. Dentist helps in keeping our teeth healthy and making faces smile. If you visit the dentist regularly, then you are sure to get white teeth to amaze everybody around you. Also if your gums and teeth are healthy, then there are fewer chances of heart disease as well. It is, in fact, true; researchers have found that people with gum disease are almost twice as likely to experience from coronary heart disease. Moreover, one should always have a healthy gum to protect memory. This is why you are always suggested to visit a dentist once in a while so as to keep your teeth and gums in its proper way.

Once you start visiting your dentist, then you can notice that dentist takes care of your oral health and gives you expert advice with that. Moreover, they would also improve your smile. You can get an outstanding smile to impress people around you with the help of the best dentist Nanaimo BC. A dazzling smile increases your self-confidence and helps you to gain self-esteem as well.

When selecting a dentist, you should consider your special dental needs. For instance, if you have crooked teeth then you may want a dentist that specializes in orthodontics. Or of you want your teeth to look in a better way then you may need a dentist that specializes in cosmetic dentistry. So whatever your needs be, while choosing to give proper attention. A healthy tooth is of utmost important so as to make good impressions around your surroundings.

The Importance Of Choosing A Marriage Counselor in Nanaimo

Marriage is a beautiful relationship that deserves to be celebrated and preserved. However, it’s quite ironic that the opposite keeps happening in today’s modern society. More and more couples tend to gravitate towards dissolving rather than preserving their marital bonds through counselling. It’s a sad thing to see people who once showered each other with so much love and affection grow cold and distant. But there are also marriages that seem to have problems from the very beginning.

It’s quite surprising that there are a lot of married couples out there who just decide to put an end to everything without seeking professional help. Professional advice can be precious, and it can make a huge difference in your decision.

It’s not that easy, considering that marital issues are extremely delicate. The psychological factors, as well as the emotional ones, can be very stressful. So first of all, you have to look for a counselor or therapist that is highly experienced in marital therapy. This means that the professional has received sufficient training in that area and is properly licensed as well.

Second, you have to be comfortable with your therapist so that you will be able to communicate with him properly. Hence, you should set an initial appointment with those whom you think are worth a shot. Even if the therapist is highly skilled, it won’t bring about better results if you are not comfortable in opening up to them. Last but not the least, try to check for feedback and other reviews given by the previous clients of the professional.